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Why should you travel to Colombia with Musical Getaways?

Gabriel García Márquez once said, “Colombia is magical realism.” It’s a place where the music is as diverse and colorful as the landscapes, echoing its people’s passion, resilience, and joy.

From the Afro-Colombian beats of the Pacific Coast to the traditional Vallenato of the Caribbean, Colombia’s music scene is a dynamic tapestry that tells the stories of its rich cultural heritage.

At Musical Getaways, we believe that experiencing Colombia is about more than just seeing the sights; it’s about connecting deeply with its musical culture.

Our journeys are thoughtfully designed to put you in the center of Colombia’s music scene, guided by local musicians and experts eager to share their love for their craft and their homeland.

The Music in Colombia

Imagine walking through the lively streets of Bogotá, where the sounds of street performers blend with the hum of the city. Picture yourself in Cali, learning the rhythmic complexities of folkloric Colombian music with a local band.

Our carefully curated itineraries ensure you get an authentic taste of Colombia’s music. You’ll visit iconic venues and hidden gems alike, from the bustling bars of Cartagena to the serene beauty of coffee region haciendas, where you can enjoy intimate acoustic performances.

Along the way, you’ll meet local musicians, attend private jam sessions, and even get a chance to play alongside them.

The Food in Colombia

Dining in Colombia is an adventure of its own, with meals that reflect the country’s diverse musical influences. You’ll savor traditional dishes like arepas and bandeja paisa, enjoyed in settings that range from renowned restaurants to family-owned eateries where the recipes have been passed down through generations.

With Musical Getaways, every experience is crafted to tune you into the true essence of Colombia. We invite you to join us on a journey where every note tells a story, every encounter is a melody, and every moment is a part of Colombia’s rich music culture that will stay with you long after the music has faded.

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