La Rioja Music and Wine Festival 8

La Rioja Wine & Music Festival

La Rioja Wine & Music Festival: A Confluence of Musical Elegance and Vinicultural Excellence

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Sample Itinerary

Day 1: The Vibrancy of Madrid

Our adventure begins in the pulsating heart of Madrid at Puerta del Sol. Explore historic landmarks and indulge in Madrid’s culinary treasures, like the irresistible chocolate churros at San Ginés. As dusk falls, experience the passion of Spain with a spellbinding flamenco performance at Corral de la Morería, celebrated for its artistic vibrancy and exquisite cuisine.

Day 2: Discovering Logroño

A scenic morning bus journey brings us to the charismatic city of Logroño. After settling into your accommodation, embark on a culinary adventure along La Laurel street, famous for its tapas. The evening crescendos with a piano concert by a renowned artist, followed by a gastronomic delight at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Day 3: The Essence of Briones

Venture to the quaint town of Briones, where history and winemaking intertwine. At Bodega Vivanco, Europe’s largest wine cellar, explore the art of winemaking through an expert-led tour. The evening’s highlight is a baroque music performance, complemented by a dinner at Los Calaos, a haven for traditional Riojan cuisine.

Day 4: The Medieval Charm of Laguardia

The journey continues to the enchanting town of Laguardia, renowned for its medieval walls and historic allure. A guided tour of the town and a visit to a family-owned winery provide insights into the local winemaking traditions. The day concludes with an inspiring orchestral performance, followed by a dinner at a local restaurant known for its creative twist on regional dishes, including the celebrated “Cachopo.”

Day 5: Madrid’s Melodic Farewell

The tour circles back to Madrid, marking the end of this memorable La Rioja Wine & Music Festival experience. Reflect on the harmonious blend of music, wine, and Spanish culture as we bid adieu to the rhythms and flavors that have defined our journey.

City Map

Rocio de Lucía Bauta Musicologist and Tour Leader - Musical Getaways

Your Host

Rocio de Lucía

Rocio is a Cuban musician and writer with a master’s degree in musicology and a lover of the arts. She has extensive experience as a hostess for travelers in Cuba and Spain and is a fan and connoisseur of good coffee.

What’s included?

Entry into La Rioja Festival Music Events, including a welcoming dinner with great Rioja wine!

All Breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 4 dinners total (One with “pinchos” or “tapas” and wine)

Private transportation to and from all scheduled events. Be aware that some locations are walking only.

Various wine tastings and vineyard tours.

Deluxe/double hotel room (4 stars or greater) or suite/premium room

All music, city, and historical tours – Including Madrid day tour and music.

Musician and music Expert Tour Leaders, Spanish Music Specialists, and Local guides

Super small group of only 12 participants

Dates And Pricing

Booking in advance ensures a wider selection of options and benefits from lower prices. Plus, flexibility is at your fingertips; feel free to switch to another trip without any fees before your final payment. For personalized assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our travel specialists at

May 23rd-27th, 2024

Madrid/La Rioja, Spain

Price Per Person

  •  $2,980 Hotel Double Shared Room
  •  $3,690 One Person in a Double Hotel Room
  •  $4,740 Hotel Suite/Premium Room (Double Occupancy)
  •  $ 5,680 Hotel Suite/Premium Room (Single Occupancy)

Make Your Music Tour Private

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La Rioja Festival

La Rioja, Spain

Pablo Sainz Villegas, La Rioja Festival’s Founder

La Rioja, Spain

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