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Are you dreaming of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure filled with culture, cuisine, and excitement? If so, you will want to take advantage of the opportunity to attend Colombia’s Petronio Alvarez Festival Tour. This 10-day tour provides an exclusive chance to explore Colombia’s stunning landscapes and culture.

Experience the Best of Colombia

During the tour of Colombia, you will have the opportunity to experience the country’s vibrant culture and music scene in various ways.

In Medellin, you will visit Comuna 13, a neighborhood that has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years from one of the city’s most dangerous areas to a vibrant hub of art, music, and culture. You will take a guided tour of the neighborhood, learning about its history and the impact of community initiatives that have helped to revitalize the area. You will also attend a live music performance featuring local artists playing a mix of traditional and modern Colombian music.

For instance, in Cartagena, you will visit the city’s historic center, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will also see the Getsemani neighborhood, known for its colorful street art and lively nightlife. Here, you will attend a live performance featuring local artists playing traditional Colombian music genres such as cumbia and vallenato.

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Cali-Colombia Tours - Petronio Alvarez Festival Tour

The Highlight of the Tour: The Petronio Alvarez Festival

The tour’s highlight is, no doubt, the city of Cali, known as the capital of the Colombian Pacific. Here, you will witness the Petronio Alvarez Festival, an event that showcases the folklore, cuisine, and crafts of the Pacific region. The festival is one of Colombia’s most significant cultural events and celebrates Afro-Colombian culture.

The Petronio Alvarez Festival is an event like no other, where you can immerse yourself in the rich cultural traditions of Colombia’s Pacific coast. This festival brings together over 700 musicians and artists from all over the country to celebrate the African and indigenous cultures. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about traditional Afro-Colombian beverages made from Viche, admire handicrafts created by the Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities living on the coast, and dance to some of the most exciting music in the world.

Sample Itinerary

Welcome to Colombia! Prepare for an unforgettable adventure across a country full of resonant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and amazing food. Let’s dive into your itinerary and see what awaits you in this beautiful country.

Day 1: Arrival and Welcome Dinner

After you arrive at Medellín airport, we’ll transfer you to your hotel (Hotel Quinta Ladera), where you’ll have time to relax and freshen up.

Later in the evening, get ready to connect with your fellow travelers at a welcome dinner featuring local organic products. This will be the perfect opportunity to get to know your group and learn more about the journey ahead.

Day 2: Exploring Medellín’s Transformation

Discover the real Medellín with the “We Don’t Talk About Pablo” tour. This tour will take you beyond the city’s notorious narco past and show you the real Medellín.

After that, we’ll dive into the rich Afro-Colombian culture with a tour of Comuna 13, a neighborhood famous for its cultural and social transformation through art.

Day 3: Journey to Cali

Prepare to fly to Cali, the “world’s salsa capital.” Once we arrive, we’ll transfer you to your accommodation at Hotel Sonesta Cali.

The rest of the day is yours to explore the city’s warm streets on your own or relax and prepare for the next day’s adventure.

Day 4: Cali City Adventure and Salsa Experience

Embrace the rhythm of Cali with our Cali Fusion Tour, which showcases this city’s historic and cultural spots. After that, get ready for a salsa dance experience, where you’ll learn the basics of this joyful dance influenced by the Cuban sounds of Son Music.

In the evening, experience the highly anticipated Petronio Alvarez Festival and enjoy one of the biggest celebrations of Afro-American and Afro-Colombian culture.

Day 5: Marimba Experience and Festival Fun

Discover Pacific sounds and flavors with our Marimba Experience. Engage with local music like Bunde, Rumba, Juga, and Currulao; traditional instruments like Marimba de Chonta, Cununus, Bombos, and Guasá; and indulge in fresh seafood and local drinks like Viche.

The evening continues with another night at the Petronio Alvarez Festival.

Day 6: Full Day at Petronio Alvarez Festival

Spend your day immersed in the daytime and nighttime festivities of the Petronio Alvarez Festival. Enjoy a full day of cultural performances, music, and local cuisine, capturing the essence of the Afro-Colombian spirit.

Day 7: From Cali to Cartagena (Optional Add-On)

Wave goodbye to Cali as we transfer you to the airport for your flight home or to Cartagena.

Upon arrival, settle into your hotel before enjoying a serene sunset concert featuring local accordion music, Carmelo Torres, and breathtaking views of Cartagena City.

Day 8: Cultural Heritage of Palenque

Travel with our team to San Basilio de Palenque, the first free African township in the Americas, and experience its unique history, music, and food.

Cap off the day with a dance party featuring the local Sexteto Tabalá band.

Day 9: Optional Beach Day at Rosario Islands. Farewell dinner at Candé Restaurant

Relax on the pristine beaches of Isla Bela in the Rosario Islands (Optional Add On – Not Included), an ideal setting for tranquility and natural beauty.

Conclude your adventure with a farewell dinner at Candé Restaurant, savoring Cartagena’s best culinary offerings.

Day 10: Adios Colombia!

After a memorable journey through Colombia’s rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, prepare to bid a warm farewell to your fellow travelers and the team members of Musical Getaways. Your private transfer to Cartagena Airport will be ready for your departure.

Colombia’s Map

Rocio de Lucía Bauta Musicologist and Tour Leader - Musical Getaways

Your Host

Chaz Chambers

Chaz Chambers is an American drummer and music educator with a deep-rooted passion for music. His expertise in drumming and love for cultural exploration make him a captivating guide for music tours. Known for his warm approach and professional insight, Chaz is an avid music enthusiast, often sharing his favorite styles with travelers.

Your Stay

Hotel Quinta Ladera

Location: Medellin
Nights: 2
Room type: Artisans Room, Standard Room

Hotel Quinta Ladera is a place that brings to life the philosophy of community, sustainability, and good taste. Every element of this house was designed with great attention to detail so that all the spaces are filled with natural light, fresh air, and greenery, thus reflecting the ideal of the good life: warm, harmonious, uncomplicated, and authentic.

Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 5
Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 5 (2)
Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 4 (3)
Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 3

Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 5
Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 5 (2)
Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 4 (3)
Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 3

Hotel Sonesta Cali

Location: Cali
Nights: 4
Room type: Standard Room Hotel Sonesta Cali

Sonesta Hotel Cali is a modern hotel in the north of Cali, 12 mi from Alfonso Bonilla Airport. Guests can enjoy two restaurants. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel. Rooms at Sonesta Hotel Cali have elegant lighting and pale cream décor. All are equipped with LCD and cable TV, air conditioning and a coffee maker. Cook´s Restaurant offers fusion specialties and a buffet breakfast with seasonal fruits, omelets, and natural juices served daily at Mango’s restaurant. Guests at Sonesta Hotel Cali can enjoy the designer boutiques in the nearby Chipichape Shopping Center and Zona Rosa. They can also use the well-equipped gym or have a massage at the spa.

Santa Catalina Hotel

Location: Cartagena
Nights: 3
Room type: Superior Room

The Santa Catalina Hotel is a new luxury boutique hotel in Cartagena that ensures your stay is filled with welcoming warmth and comfort. Its excellent services and special location in the heart of the historic city center make it the perfect accommodation. The environment that surrounds this accommodation has been designed with love. Its delicate design is the result of a tribute to the historical legacy of India Catalina.

Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 5
Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 5 (2)
Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 4 (3)
Hotel Amadeus - sevilla Music Tour - Musical Getaways Archive - Photo 3

What’s included?

All entrance fees covered for planned activities and performances, such as a private Marimba lesson, visit to iconic places like Comuna 13, and more.

Guided explorations focusing on Colombia’s musical and historical significance, including tours of iconic sites like Comuna 13 and San Basilio de Palenque.

Personalized assistance with reservations and recommendations for leisure time, ensuring an enjoyable experience during free periods and optional meals.

Accommodation at unique premium Hotels in each one of the cities visited during the tour, ensuring a comfortable and culturally immersive stay.

Transportation is provided for all scheduled activities, with a blend of van services and walking tours, so you can truly experience the country’s vibrant atmosphere.

All breakfasts are included, along with some dinners and lunches at renowned Colombian restaurants or during experiences showcasing the best of local cuisine.

Dates And Pricing

August 13th-19th, 2024

Medellin, Cali, Colombia

Price Per Person

  •  $3,985 Hotel Double Shared Room
  •  $4,645 One Person in a Standard Hotel Room
  •  Room Upgrades: Contact Us

August 13th-22nd, 2024

Medellin, Cali, & Cartagena Add On, Colombia

Price Per Person

  •  $6,435 Hotel Double Shared Room
  •  $7,290 One Person in a Standard Hotel Room
  •  Room Upgrades: Contact Us

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