Chaz Chambers, Havana Music Tours' Founder, welcoming their group tour to Havana

About Us

Who are Musical Getaways?

Musical Getaways transforms music from a mere soundtrack to a deep way of understanding oneself, others, and the world. Our founders, Chaz Chambers and Yami Cabrera, musicians and avid music fans, actively promote international music scenes, festivals, artists, and small businesses.

Music, ingrained in culture, connects us globally. Our company emerged by recognizing a gap for unique, music-focused, sustainable experiences.

Launched in 2017 by our sister company, Musical Getaways crafts small group tours to places like Cuba. Musicians and cultural experts curate these tours, creating lifelong memories. In this small niche, we capture special experiences for people to cherish!

How Musical Getaways Began

Our sister company, Havana Music Tours, first introduced guests to the vibrant Cuban music scene, immersing them in its festivals and culture. This trip was an unparalleled experience! Inspired, Musical Getaways’ founders decided to add more international destinations. Cuba was just the start of what we could offer!

Driven by this vision, Musical Getaways began crafting new, exciting musical-themed journeys worldwide.

Over time, these trips have shown how people can authentically experience music within local cultures. Today, as we continue developing musical getaways to global destinations, this remains our core focus.

Where We Are Today

Today, Musical Getaways has crafted trips to Brazil, Cuba, Spain, and other locations. While Chaz and Yami often travel to see what trips we can create in other parts of the world, we prefer to keep our list of trips small.

Our focus is on sustainable travel and unveiling musical experiences often missed by regular tourists.

At Musical Getaways, we ensure each trip is extraordinarily memorable and enriches both our customers and the local culture.

Our mission for every journey is clear: to offer an amazing, sustainable exploration of local culture. We aim to highlight, celebrate, and support international artists and the music industry. Chaz, Yami, and our team of skilled musicians and experts only choose the best, ensuring every trip is spectacular!

Our Promise to You

At Musical Getaways, we guarantee unique, authentic experiences unlike any other. Founders Chaz and Yami personally curate each trip based on their own experiences.

We do this to align our trips with our company’s vision, ensuring they are authentic and memorable for our valued guests.

When you book a trip with Musical Getaways, you’ll explore thrilling international locations and immerse yourself in music that captures the local culture’s essence.

To begin planning your Musical Getaways trip, contact us today to get started and learn where you could travel next!

Begin Your Story With Us

Are you ready to begin a journey that’s as much about the people you’ll meet as the places you’ll see? Reach out to Musical Getaways. Let’s create a travel experience that’s rich in moments and memories, where every trip is a chapter in a story of discovery and connection.