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Step into the vibrant heart of Madrid with our Music and Cultural Tour, thoughtfully crafted by Musical Getaways. Let Rocío, our seasoned musicologist, guide you through the city’s historic melodies and cultural beats.

With her deep insights, the streets of Madrid transform into a living narrative, where each landmark tells a story steeped in musical heritage.

Discover the city’s iconic sites, such as Plaza de España, the Royal Palace, and Plaza Mayor, where Rocío will illuminate their historical tunes, making every step an enlightening experience.

Your culinary journey will be just as rich, with the authentic flavors of Spain waiting to delight your palate. From the classic potato omelet to the sweet churros of San Ginés, each dish sings with tradition and taste.

Madrid City during Dawn - Madrid Music Tour - Musical Getaways
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Madrid Street, Madrid Music Tour - Musical Getaways

Experience the passionate Flamenco at El Corral de la Morería, a Michelin-starred venue that vibrates with the art form’s raw emotion. Alternatively, Revoltosa Prado offers a contemporary spin on this traditional dance, pairing it with a modern brunch.

Rocío will also escort you through Madrid’s revered museums, where the interplay of music and art comes alive, narrating the city’s cultural saga.

As your tour concludes, the memories of Madrid’s melodies, its flavors, and its artistic splendor will resonate with you long after you’ve departed. Musical Getaways invites you to join this unique exploration, where music and culture harmonize to create an indelible impression.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or a lover of fine cuisine, Rocío’s Madrid Music and Cultural Tour awaits. Secure your place now and carry the spirit of Madrid with you forever.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Acclimation

Welcome to Madrid, where your journey begins with a seamless transition from the airport to the comfort of your hotel.

Once settled, the evening offers a curated dining experience that showcases Madrid’s gastronomic excellence. The day concludes with a visit to a premier music venue, setting the stage for your cultural adventure.

Day 2: Cultural Immersion

After breakfast, embark on a guided exploration of Madrid’s storied landmarks, enriching your understanding of the city’s heritage.

Enjoy a traditional Spanish lunch, then relax before the evening’s highlight: an authentic Flamenco dinner show, offering a taste of Spain’s vibrant performing arts scene.

Day 3: Artistic Discovery

The day starts with a brunch that celebrates Spain’s iconic dance tradition, followed by an afternoon of art appreciation as you traverse Madrid’s renowned museums.

The evening presents a choice of live jazz in an intimate setting or a rooftop dining experience, each providing a distinct perspective of the city’s dynamic nightlife.

Day 4: Departure and Reflection

Your final morning is an opportunity to savor a leisurely breakfast and reflect on the rich tapestry of experiences.

As you prepare for departure, the essence of Madrid’s cultural landscape remains with you, an enduring memory of your time spent in the heart of Spain.

City Map

Rocio de Lucía Bauta Musicologist and Tour Leader - Musical Getaways

Your Host

Rocio de Lucía

Rocio is a Cuban musician and writer with a master’s degree in musicology and a lover of the arts. She has extensive experience as a hostess for travelers in Cuba and Spain and is a fan and connoisseur of good coffee.

What’s included?

Discover the city’s iconic sites, such as Plaza de España, the Royal Palace, and Plaza Mayor.

Accommodation in a centrally located hotel (4 stars or better).

Transportation to all scheduled activities and events.

All breakfasts, several meals at renowned local restaurants, and a tapas crawl.

All entrance fees for planned activities and performances, including museums, Flamenco show, and jazz concert.

Guided city tour of Madrid’s major landmarks and museums, focusing on their musical significance.

Assistance with reservations and recommendations for free time and optional meals.

Option to extend the tour with a personalized itinerary tailored by our team members.

Dates And Pricing

Booking in advance ensures a wider selection of options and benefits from lower prices. Plus, flexibility is at your fingertips; feel free to switch to another trip without any fees before your final payment. For personalized assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our travel specialists at

Your Group, Your Dates

Madrid, Spain

Price Per Person (Based on 4 pax minimum)

  •  $1,950 Hotel Double Shared Room
  •  $2,545 One Person in a Double Hotel Room
  •  $3,555 Hotel Suite (Double Occupancy)
  •  $4,270 Hotel Suite (Single Occupancy)

December 25th-28th, 2024

Madrid, Spain

Price Per Person

  •  $2,250 Hotel Double Shared Room
  •  $2,845 One Person in a Double Hotel Room
  •  $3,955 Hotel Suite (Double Occupancy)
  •  $4,690 Hotel Suite (Single Occupancy)

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Flamenco Dancer

Madrid, Spain

Cibeles Square

Madrid, Spain

Cibeles Square in sunset Light - Madrid, Spain - Madrid Music Tour - Musical Getaways

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