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Bahia State, the birthplace of samba and capoeira

Brazilian popular culture continues to play a crucial role in how people express themselves. And to this day strong cultivation for cultural expression continues to be music. The music and culture of Brazil blend various influences beautifully and harmoniously.

From the popular and legendary Samba to the unique Forró to the iconic Bossa Nova, and dozens of other music genres in between. Brazil encompasses a lot of diversity!

Therefore, our focus shifts to one particular state that was once dominated by agriculture and slaving, but overcoming everything, Afro-Brazilian descent flourished as an artistic spirit reshaping the state of Bahia, and Brazil, especially through its music.

It All Starts With Drumming

When it comes to Afro-Brazilian music, drumming is one of the most vocal points, the beginning and the end of this intriguing art form.

Traditional instruments such as berimbau (a bow-shaped instrument), atabaque (a tall wooden drum), or the smallest Brazilian drum The Tambourim with many others deliver energetic and distinctive Afro-Brazilian rhythms such as Samba, Maracatu, Samba Reggae, and others.

The percussion instruments of Brazil are deeply connected to African history and South American cultures, and sometimes it makes a perfect pair with intriguing instruments such as the agogô bell.

Brazilian drums

Afro-Brazilian Musical Ways

Drums pave the way for diverse musical ways of Afro-Brazilian culture which encompasses unique musical genres and even sports – all joint together for one unforgettable dance.

While Afro-Brazilian musical ways are wide and diverse, one of the most fascinating examples we can take is Capoeira. Born in Bahia’s sugar plantations where slaves secretly practiced self-defense it is a very unique Afro-Brazilian art form that blends martial arts, drumming, music, and dance into a thrilling experience.

The rise of such genres like Capoeira or even Samba acted as a resistance, a spark of reunion, restructuring the Brazilian culture forever.

brazilian percussion instruments

Discover Bahia State Vibrant Capital

Today, Bahia is a land of contrast and energetic rhythms that touches our soul, and most of the things here are enriched in African cultural traditions. Whether it’s larger-than-life carnivals, delicious street food, ballet performances, or one-of-a-kind instruments, there‘s is everything and more to discover and explore within Afro-Brazilian cultural realms. And there‘s no better way to properly experience it than by visiting the capital of Bahia State, the center of Afro-Brazilian culture – El Salvador.

Its historic and picturesque center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with protected nature parks around providing fantastic outdoor recreation, while carnivals are a show that attracts millions to a drumming and music extravaganza. And how about those 80 kilometers of beaches and a party that simply never ends?

Everything in Bahia and Salvador is hugged by vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture, traditions, and musical rhythms that seem to move and guide the daily life of El Salvador and Bahia in every step.

streets and building in bahia salvador brazil
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