Travel Impressions: La Rioja Festival, Spain (Part 2)

Discovering Spain – Wine, Food, Music, and Nature in La Rioja (Part 2)

By Rocío de Lucía

Welcome to the second part of our new blog series, “Travel Impressions,” where our team members share personal experiences and highlights from our travels around the world. Continuing our first adventure in the beautiful La Rioja, Spain, we delve deeper into this enchanting region through the lens of our Cuban Musicologist and Tour Leader, Rocío de Lucía.

Wine Production in La Rioja: A Tradition of Excellence

spanish wine rioja wine red wine winery wine tasting

Our journey through La Rioja wouldn’t be complete without delving into its celebrated wine culture. The wines of La Rioja are renowned for their character, complexity, and aging potential. With a Qualified Designation of Origin (DOCa) that covers over 60,000 hectares of vineyards, this region produces more than 250 million liters of wine annually. The majority, 85%, are red wines made primarily from Tempranillo, Graciano, and Mazuelo grapes. The remaining 15% are white wines, predominantly from the Viura grape.

During our tour, we organized a special private tour for our guests to one of the region’s most prestigious wineries, Vivanco. In addition to producing excellent wines, Vivanco houses the Museum of Wine Culture, the largest of its kind in Europe. This interactive space celebrates the rich history and winemaking tradition of La Rioja.

Upon arrival at the winery, the imposing construction set amidst a stunning landscape created a bucolic and enchanting atmosphere. Our tour included a guided visit to the winery and museum, where we learned about all aspects of wine production and tasted some of its most exclusive editions, accompanied by delicate cheeses and hams.

The music and wine tour also allowed us to sample other local wines at the end of each concert, enriching our experience of one of La Rioja’s most important economic and cultural activities.

The Delicious Cuisine of La Rioja: An Explosion of Authentic Flavors

spanish food mediterranean food michelin restaurant

Good food was a star of our La Rioja experience, complementing the region’s fine wines. La Rioja captivates discerning palates with its extraordinary cuisine, rooted in the culinary traditions of the land and celebrating top-quality local products, from its famous wines to fresh vegetables and savory meats.

Our arrival in La Rioja was marked by an exquisite-tasting meal in one of its acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants, allowing us to experience contemporary culinary creations. Carefully curated restaurants and bars enabled tour participants to taste some of La Rioja’s most emblematic dishes, such as patatas a la riojana, a hearty stew of potatoes, chorizo, and paprika; bacalao a la riojana, a fish dish with the region’s characteristic red pepper; and huevos a la riojana, a simple yet delicious dish of eggs, peppers, and garlic.

We enjoyed excellent cheeses like Roncal and Idiazábal throughout our tour and sampled artisan marzipans.

Pinchos, Tapas, and Other Innovative Concepts

spanish food mediterranean food la rioja food la rioja festival pinchos and tapas

This tour perfectly combines music, architecture, high-end gastronomy, and local activities. On the night of the Musical Pincho Pote, after attending the iconic concert of the National Symphony Orchestra of Spain with Pablo Sainz Villegas, we headed to Calle Laurel in Logroño. This street is an emblem of Riojan gastronomic culture, where bars and restaurants offer various pinchos and tapas showcasing the region’s culinary richness. From classic stuffed piquillo peppers to innovative creations by avant-garde chefs, Calle Laurel is a paradise for food lovers.

La Rioja’s cuisine is a blend of Basque, Aragonese, and Navarrese influences, adapted to local products to create dishes that reflect the essence of this wine-producing region. Whether dining in a traditional tavern or a high-end restaurant, Riojan food consistently surprises with its authenticity, quality, and ingenuity.

Experience the Best of Spain: Join Our Music and Wine Tour in La Rioja with a Special Day in Madrid or Barcelona

As this enchanting journey through La Rioja comes to an end, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all lovers of music, wine, nature, and Mediterranean cuisine to join us for the next edition of our Music and Wine tour. This unique adventure not only explores the rich landscapes and flavors of La Rioja but also includes a day in one of Spain’s most iconic cities, Madrid or Barcelona.

Imagine yourself savoring a glass of top-tier Rioja wine as the soothing sounds of classical music fill the air, complemented by a day amidst Madrid’s historic splendor and vibrant streets or Barcelona’s artistic beauty and coastal charm. Whether you are a connoisseur eager to deepen your understanding of wine and gastronomy or a nature enthusiast looking to explore serene trails and historic sites, our tour promises an unforgettable amalgamation of cultural richness and natural beauty.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create your own vibrant memories in the heart of Spain’s celebrated wine country—book your spot on the next tour and experience the soul of La Rioja and the excitement of Madrid or Barcelona for yourself. All interested travelers can find more info about our tour here.

La Rioja Wine & Music Festival Tour 2024

Our journey through La Rioja has been filled with unforgettable moments, blending the region’s rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and exceptional culinary delights. We hope this travel log has inspired you to explore this hidden gem of Spain.

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