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Havana Jazz Plaza 2020 – 7 days / 6 nights
An annual Jazz Festival in Havana. It usually features some of the most popular and up n’ coming artists from Cuba and around the world. In the past, there have been performances from artists such as Chucho Valdés, Telmary, Joe Lovano, Snarky Puppy, Daymé and many more!
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Havana Music and Cultural Tour – 4 days / 3 nights
This is the perfect 4-day weekend getaway to Cuba. Experience the highlights of Havana – all of the culture, music, and art in a jam-packed fun weekend!
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VIP Music Tour of Havana – 6 days / 5 nights
This tour is 6 days and 5 nights and features an extensive tour of Havana and day trips to Viñales and Playas del Este.
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Havana World Music Festival and Cultural Tour – 5 days / 4 nights
Havana World Music Festival is back! This festival typically features artists from all over the world and famous Cuban musicians. We will combine elements of a cultural Havana tour by day and the festival in the evenings.
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Fiesta del Tambor and Cultural Tour – 8 days / 7 nights
Fiesta del Tambor is Cuba’s annual Percussion festival. It will feature some of the greatest drummers, percussionist, and other musicians from all over Cuba and the world.
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We include your “Casa Particular” or “Villa” or Hotel in the tour price. Each one is hand selected by us and quality tested.

“Casa Particular” is the Spanish phrase to describe a privately owned bed and breakfast style house or room for rent. Casa Particulares are the best option for supporting and interacting with the Cuban people. We highly recommend them!

We also have packages that include a 5-star hotel if you prefer that option. We book directly with one of the best hotels in Havana, Meliã Cohiba. Whichever way you prefer to travel we want to make sure you are comfortable and have a great time!


You can view samples itineraries for each of our tours at the links below.

About a week or so before you depart for your tour we will provide a uniquely arranged and final itinerary for each day of your tour. It will feature the most up to date performance schedule for all musical and non-musical events. It will also include all of the places we will visit. This is usually very similar to the sample itinerary, but it will have more details such as the time frames, artist/venue names, etc.

Each tour size is unique and fits a different travelers desires. We have a choice of shorter Weekend tripsWeek-long VIP music tours, a Beach and Music tour, and even an occasional Cultural Tour & Mindful Retreat.

In Cuba, most of the primary musical performances can occur really late at night. Band start times can range from 10pm-1am each night.

In addition to your daily itinerary, we maintain an optional late night schedule that features private reservations to the best music venues in Havana and beyond. If you wish to go, we also include the entry to each musical event into your Casa-Inclusive-package. (By the way, some entries to venues will include a couple of free cocktails.)

We will see some of the best musicians in Cuba authenticly performing styles such as Afro-Cuban Rumba, Latin Jazz, Traditional, Afro-Funk, Timba (Salsa), and more.

Your tour package also includes passes to all museums. The museums will feature Cuban art, history, and musical subjects.

Most of your food is included on your trip. Each tour has different and specific meal inclusions, but all of them include breakfast. For the most part, we like to eat family style at all of the best restaurants in Cuba. Certain tours may include lunches and/or dinners, and there are some free days to have a private meal on your own (if you wish). Usually, the breakfast is pretty fulfilling, so snacks may be appropriate when walking around on some days. We have discovered that sitting down at a restaurant to eat 3 times per day with a group takes up too much time… and we have lots of stuff to see!! Don’t worry, you will eat well!

Breakfast usually features a freshly sliced array of fruits, vegetables, a choice of eggs, breads, freshly squeezed juices, and even an authentic Café Cubano.

Sometimes we will prepare snacks for lunch as needed, otherwise, we typically eat dinners between 5pm-8pm.

For dinner, we will eat at some of the best restaurants in Cuba. We have tried many of the top rated restaurants and handpicked our favorites to share with you. We will eat altogether most evenings and dine family style, in a similar way to how Cubans eat. We will usually allow at least one evening to dine at your own leisure. Whatever you chose, we have plenty of recommendations for you and we will gladly make any reservations on your behalf.

You will have an experienced professional musician as your tour leader. Your tour leader will be from the United States and is bilingual. This makes for a comfortable, informative and exciting experience. (Even if you don’t speak Spanish!)

All tours include pick up and drop off from the airports in Cuba. We arrange daily transportation from the Casa/Villa to all scheduled events and to different cities.

We do not include the flights, but we will help you to book the best fight based on your location. There are many commercial flights available from the US, Canada, and Mexico. So, no matter where you are flying from we will help you pick the best connections to join the tour on time.


We realize that not everyone has the same schedule and maybe has their own group together already. If you would like to discuss a customized individual or group tour to Cuba please get in touch.

 Experience Cuba with professional Musician Tour Guides.

Music is a universal language. It expresses our shared human experience and breaks any cultural and linguistic boundaries in a strong and soulful way. And when it comes to Cuba, there‘s nothing quite like music. Something that is delivered from the depths of creative minds and souls, with nothing but passion and love.

Whether you are a musician yourself, a curious traveler, a simple music lover or someone who admires expressions of art and looking for that bridge that will connect you and Cuba in the most profound way, then you are in a right place!

Cuba is a never-ending concert, a world of rhythms, and with the right kind of guidance, you will be gifted with an art-inspired experience of Cuba. Something to cherish for life. After all, Cuba harbors the largest number of music genres and rhythms in Latin America, from the famous salsa and mambo to rumba, Latin jazz and many more. Let us help you eclipse the bright spectrum of Cuba‘s entertainment grandeur where each emotion, feeling, and flavor of life is reflected in the soul-bending expression of the iconic Latin music that is still performed in Cuba today.

With us, Havana Music Tours, you will have a delightful opportunity to witness the most authentic music performances by the best musicians around the country. But, that‘s only the beginning!

Our tours are just as diverse, fun and vibrant as Cuban music itself. We will not shy away from fun with Cuban dancing and interactions with locals. We will get tasty and classy as well, with top-rated restaurants and shopping affairs.

Then, the flow of art will resume itself, as we will dig deep into different music and art styles with an intriguing history of it as well as an introduction to the finest musicians in Cuba followed by the addition of mindfulness, education, museums, and architecture. All of this will accompany your musical experience in Cuba as our tours and retreats are set to fulfill your journey in every way possible, comprising a complete, fresh, and rejuvenated adventure. One that is simply unforgettable.

Each of our tours is infused with different themes and durations. Therefore, you are bound to find something according to your travel schedule and availability. Our preference goes to staying in Casa Particulares & Villas where you will receive the most authentic ambiance of Cuba. This is where we enjoy our meals like a family, and we will happily adjust to vegan, vegetarians, and others with specific dietary needs.


Our approach is unique, with a distinctive style of Havana Music Tours that is unlike any other tour operator. Our exclusive musical relationships in Cuba enhance us as tour operators to deliver the most extensive and interactive music tours that are available in Cuba.

Your tour will be accompanied by a professional musician and Cuba expert that is not only the founder of Musical Getaways and Havana Music Tours but a professional drummer/producer from the U.S. as well.

And sooner than later, somewhere along the line, you just might find yourself swaying to the rhythms of salsa! Enjoy!

Chaz Chambers
Director, Musician & Tour Guide

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