aurora borealis picture in iceland

What are the Northern Lights like in Iceland?

Iceland Northern Lights

I was in Iceland for seven days, and I finally saw them the last night. I traveled all over Iceland with a camper van and I saw them in Reykjavik the night before my flight to Scotland. Unluckily during my trip, there was a combination of either lousy visibility due to clouds or a lack of activity with the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). It can be quite the task to find them, or so it seemed for me.

Every day I would check the Icelandic Meteorology website, which tells you strictly how active the Northern Lights are: I highly recommend this site, and I found it highly accurate.

My first impressions of the northern lights were inside the city of Reykjavik. I had just gone to eat some food and grabbed a few craft beers from a local Mikkeller bar (which is actually from Denmark), but I was super happy to find their beer in Iceland.

As I walked back to my campsite, a little wavy light grabbed my attention in the sky. It almost reminded me of a spotlight where the Northern Lights have a special event. But I didn’t get to see it very well. It made me stop on the side of the street and start staring into the sky for quite a few minutes. Suddenly about 30 seconds later, I began to see waves of light drifting through the sky like a school of fish. It was amazing! But, little did I know, it was only the beginning.

When I got back to my campsite I researched some areas where you should be able to get good pics. So, I spent most of the night trying to capture pictures of the Aurora Borealis.

Here are my results:

northern lights photo in iceland aurora borealis picture in iceland


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